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masf membership notes:

The Mutlihull Association of South Florida (masf) no longer meets as a membership club with regular events. We are revamping organizational structure and attending to logistical issues for the future. Visit our website regularly for updates and developments. To organize a local port of call club franchise, inquire with the webmaster for contacts and information.

masf race handicap ratings:

The Mutlihull Association of South Florida (masf) has historically measured, assessed and provided multihull vessel race handicaps and performance ratings, recognized and used in most south Florida regattas and sailing races. Check with your event's chair or host committee, or visit crew contact page on this site to get other related information.

Directions to Miami Yacht Club (Home Port):  Take I-395 East (MacArthur Causeway) over the bridge and keep right to the FIRST RIGHT EXIT. Follow service road around under bridge, then take first left road into MYC grounds. Lost? Call the MYC (305)-377-9877 Days, or (305) 391-0703 Eves.

Visit the Miami Yacht Club site or masf links.

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